Isle of Møn Spirits


Our story

Isle of Møn Spirits was founded in 2016 by Sara and Uffe Skaaning Lind. We live and work in a small farm in Askeby on Møn where we’ve rebuilt the stables into our distillery. Here we sort the forage of the day by hand and distill the botanicals separately.

At the end of summer when the last extract is done, we test and taste our way to the very best composition which makes Isle of Møn Gin a unique and lovely experience - just like the beautiful nature of Møn.

Isle of Møn Spirits began as an experiment. We were curious to find out whether it was at all possible to create a gin made with local botanicals foraged exclusively on Møn. Along the way, this has evolved into several variations of locally produced gin and snaps.


 The forage manifesto

We are a locally founded business and therefore we also feel obligated to contribute to the local community and local development. Besides creating economic and environmental value to Møn, our goal is also to contribute with social value. Isle of Møn Spirits is committed to:



Creating high quality produce from the wild nature on Møn


Foraging our ingredients here, where we live, and not import them from far away


Creating the framework for a local, social commitment


Creating a breeding ground for a greater exchange of knowledge in the local community


Promoting knowledge of our island, nature and cultural heritage


Adding economic, environmental and social value to the local community


Why we only forage locally

Not only is foraging locally more sustainable, we also often find more interesting, better and more powerful botanicals in the Danish nature than the usual botanicals – which we would have to import to produce a traditional gin. We want to create high quality products with ingredients growing right outside our door and to create balance between the use of our natural resources – using and at the same time preserving natures pantry.

As Biosphere Møn ambassadors we are working on the propagation of – and knowledge about sustainable interaction with nature. The nature is there to be used as long it is with respect and care.

Every year we invite anyone interested to participate in our foraging events where, among other things, we forage Rose hip buds in June, Melissa in July, Juniper in September and Sloe berries in October.

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Join us

Anyone interested, is very welcome to attend our foraging events. Together we’ll enjoy and experience the wonderful nature of Møn.


Only to use botanicals foraged in Møn has its limitations as many traditional gin botanicals do not grow in the wild Danish nature. With a helping hand from our local botanical expert we found out which botanicals can be used and when the best time to forage is.

What most people think of as weeds, has gained a tremendous value to us.

Our botanicals are carefully selected and handpicked at the very moment when the taste is strongest and best. We make extracts while the botanicals are fresh - thus securing authentic, high quality produce every year.